Poetry Pilau (Spread Teh Word!)

So we had a poetry reading of sorts last week at Green Path, where Open Mic once took place. It was just a few of us, some having to leave early. But everyone present did read something, and we had a few rounds of poetry and even some prose. There’s something of a review here: http://www.thesundayleader.lk/2011/12/04/just-words/

Krishantha did a rendition of his performance piece “Curfew Baby”, about the generation conceived during the time of curfews. I read some of my more recent writing, mostly from the blog. Ayeshasaurus from Capturing Cupid was there too, she read us a quick poem before having to run off. The Puppeteer sat eerily in a corner, making little noise. I’m not sure if she did read anything. Theena Kumaragurunathan read us a short story he had written only two weeks prior. It was raw, and a little lengthy but he had us drawn into the story of Shruthi and her relationship with music.

Though there were supposed to be musicians present, my absence sadly meant that bit of the jam didn’t happen. I had to be in Sammanthurai for my grandfather’s funeral, but I was present via Skype. There were technical difficulties, of course, with Skype hanging itself from time to time. Still, there’s something strange yet comforting about hearing familiar voices read their words to you when you’re mourning.

The next poetry jam is going to be on the 18th of December, which is a Sunday. Hopefully Colombo won’t be too happening (or hungover) to make it down to Green Path. We’ll start after lunch at about 2PM and go on thru the evening. You will probably see a post up on Indi‘s blog (since no one reads this one anyway).

So here’s an open invitation to the blogosphere: Bring Your Own Words, your voices, and make a sound, because there are ears that are open to your expression. Oh and do spread The Word! (:

photo-credit: flickr.com/ruvin

One Response to “Poetry Pilau (Spread Teh Word!)”
  1. That’s why I’m The Puppeteer 😀 I need a scary puppet pic to go with it!

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