Now that you’ve digested my face, let’s talk about the food. Last week I had two old friends for lunch, they were delicious. I mean the food, obviously. Lunch was quite spontaneous. There were no noodles at home so I had to actually touch the rice, which I’ve avoided for a good month! Looked in the fridge and found a bell pepper, some tomato, and decided to make do with what was around.

A few chicken wings marinaded with salt, pepper, and chilli powder. I then threw some curry powder and paprika onto the pan, let it roast and then added some butter and curry leaves. Once the aroma got intense I added the chicken, just searing it so that the skin would take in the curry. This process should not take long, you do not want the chicken to cook completely, just a light seer so it kind of looks like tandoori. That orange-brownish colour is what you should be going for.

Once this was done I took the chicken off the fire and got my friends to chop up the veggies. We went with carrot and bell peppers, cut by length, and some fresh hot chili peppers from the garden. The tomatoes were left as they were, since we were tossing all of this into the oven. Once it was all chopped I made a little dressing with white wine vinegar, chili vinegar sauce, and a splash of oil. I added some biriyani mix into the leftover dressing and tossed the chicken into that before putting all of it into the oven for 15 minutes at 240 degrees celcius.

Meanwhile, the rice was in the cooker, with just a spoonful of butter to keep it from sticking. I scraped half a coconut, and chopped up fresh chilies from the garden, a whole onion and a whole garlic, which went into the mortar. Mashed all of this up along with lemongrass, cumin and cardamon. I added just a drop of lime to get some tang in there. Once the rice was done I put some oil onto the pan and lightly fried it, then introducing the lemongrass pol sambol to get the flavours going. If you are struck by waves of aromas, then you are doing it right.

All of this should be done around the same time, you can easily have this ready in 20 minutes. I prefer paprika for spice as it is not too much of that chili spice, it just adds heat. Also, use as much black pepper as you want, I have a tendency to overdo it. The fresher the ingredients, the fresher this is going to taste. I left the tomatoes whole, to be used as a kind of pallete cleanser, should the flavours be too much to take at one go. The lemongrass sambol I will now take rights to, though it was a very impromptu discovery! Try it out and let me know what your tastebuds think (:


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