A Samsara Blues Experiment

I was introduced to this band over a year ago in Hikkaduwa. Either I stumbled onto it, or it was a friend who had me listen to them. And from the first listen, I was hooked. Singata Mystic Queen was the first sting, and then came Double Freedom. Fuck. One amazing album that is Long Distance Trip, their debut.

Since then the band have gone on to play shows in Berlin, one of which I told a friend in Germany to check out. She enjoyed the show, and got to meet the band. They were thrilled to hear a Sri Lankan was spreading the word, so they sent me an autographed copy of their new release “Revelation & Mystery”.

I’m listening to it again right now. And man, these guys have grown! Monolithic riffs mount on top of each other, as the bass staggers through the drumwork. They’ve moved from their initial sludge sound to one that’s more refined, taking cues from stoner rock and heavy metal. There’s less Eastern experimentation on this release, with a sitar and mOOg heard faintly in the background. But there is still that spacey sound, like some neo-Hawkwind meets Sleep.



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