There once was a boy, lying down on the shore, sand in his hair and sand on his feet. Across from the shore was a house painted white, and on the horizon rose a wave, climbing to the heavens. It was as though gravity decided to take a day off, at least over the ocean, as the wave climbed never once crashing, until it rose to its peak at the top of the world.

The boy watched, knowing what was upon him. He closed his eyes, and waited for what was imminent. Yet there was nothing, save for a quiet stillness, unperturbed by movement. In the black, cold aloneness that is known as nothingness, he lay. No feet, head, nor any vital organ – simply being. “Is this death?” Moments passed, as though hours transfigured into lifetimes, and yet nothing.

He opened his eyes, it was raining.

As though the wave had clung onto the edge of the atmosphere, like an ocean in the sky, waters that had flowed across the Earth fell over his being. In that moment he awoke, now lying on a mattress. He rose, opening the balcony door. Looking to the horizon he felt a wave surge from within, as a blue moon graced the skyline. Atman had awoken, whispering softly into his ears.

The boy took to his instrument, trying to make sense of the sound. Two notes, and harmonies followed, the tune of an ancient swept through his fingers. It was the song of the self, Atma Shatakam. “Aum Namah Shivaya”, a chant rolled off his tongue, as the music came to life, becoming on its own. An ocean in the sky, transpired into the light of his eye that now looks upon you.


One Response to “Arisen”
  1. Tia says:

    I see… this is crazy.

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