Annasi & Kadalagotu Poetry Pilau

This month we will be having yet another poetry jam, the same open-mic sort of thing. Anyone is welcome to bring their own words, their voices, guitars, harmonicas or even a book to read from. My work has opened up a lot of opportunities for me, and one of them has resulted in this event receiving its own venue and publicity thanks to Kris (co-organizer) and Elmo Jayawardane (author of Yana Maga).

The new venue is the Hansa Coffee store at Fife Road. When you approach from Thimbirigasyaya it is before Hotel Janaki, and right next to Asiri Salon. As usual we start at 2pm and go on till 6 in the evening, but do come early as we are punctual people. Paduru, coffee, annasi and kadalagotu will be the accompaniment to the poetry. Hansa sells their own specialty Sri Lankan brewed coffee and chocolate drinks that will also be sold during the event. You could also buy their product in up to 1KG bags if you like it enough!

This will be our only event till March, so please do attend if you are into this sort of thing. There will be a few resident artists as well just to keep things interesting. So bring your pencils if you have got a creative itch. I am looking forward to this month’s poetry jam. Hope to see you there!

Past events can be heard here in the form of our poetry.pilau podcast: 

One Response to “Annasi & Kadalagotu Poetry Pilau”
  1. Jerry says:

    1kg bags eh? sounds intriguing.

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