Annasi & Kadalagotu Poetry Pilau on April 28th

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UPDATE:  We have shifted the venue to our friend Sharni’s residence on Greenlands Avenue in the interest of a larger space and breathing room for our suffocated poets! Below is a map for those who are prone to getting lost in the jungles of Hav’ock Town:

P’8:re PLau P Notes by Kris

We had about 60 poets at the last session on March 10. And several more ghosts.  So the cafe was a little sardined. There was suggestion to use a microphone and amp, for the whisper of poetry to float over the low buzz of commerce and under the sting of un-postponable irresistible chit-chat. Some thought microphones hype normal people to say nothing aloud; The Spoken Void! Another suggestion was 25 minutes of verse, and 5 minutes for toilette and retail, like for CorpoRat TV commercials.
Poetry Only?
We were kind of half serious about only allowing to enter those who would poet-icipate in this so-called PoetryPilau aka P’8:re PLau. But we are fully serious that people should not be voyeurs or aurically sectarian (i.e. only listen). We want to set up with ‘lau’ a hallowed space for the Voice as Instrument of Sense of poetry off-page, off main street off imperial off commercial stress.
Poetry,  Muzak & Applauz
Poetry is rarely afar from music – and for better and for vice versa.  Still – there are more locations for music and less for such words as ours. One does not wish for the silence expressed at graveyards or art exhibitions, or in ‘places of worship.’ Though silence has its own eloquence. Still, one wishes for live response and holy contrariness, something more expressive than polite applause (all of which can be fatal and enlivening)! Yet we would wish to accord R E SP E C T to those reading from those who have read or are yet to read.
Other Locales
Another suggestion was to rotate with other locations.  Others think this combine of consumption and converse is a dread dead end road. Yet another idea was to hold it at a home for the ageless: The problem is how to respect these spaces also. We have relocated this time to our friend Sharni’s residence on Greenlands Avenue, hopefully this will be for the best.
Beyond the English
While English is our primary medium here, it is making sense of this world with any worded sound that is our greatest wish – besides what roots us here is our enrichment by Sinhala, Tamil, Malay, Malayali, Hindi, Divehi, Arabic, Parsi, Swahili, Chinese, Japanese,  etc., which makes for very ‘vild and varied’ poetic traditions. So invite people who can complicate this so-called English poetry (to go beyond the Brutish and their counsel).
Lotsa Lau!

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