Maldivian Psychedelic Art

The word ‘psychedelic’ means ‘mind manifesting’ and I don’t think any culture understands this in a more interesting way than Maldivians. Simply because I haven’t been exposed to many cultures, and most Maldivians I’ve met are quite able to perceive things in a rather trippy way. Whether this has anything to do with the heaps of opium their forefathers smoked, I do not know. However, if you look closely at traditional Maldivian art, there is a clear influence of psychedelics. Here is just a sample of what contemporary artists are up to, as posted in the Maldivian Psychedelic Arts Facebook group.

 Moosa Mamdhuh

Strange Attractors by Anyu Any

Dyslexia by Mohamed Shaffahu

Writer’s Block by Mary Star

Predator’s Gawk by Ibrahim Psyzan

Shimanie Shareef

The above don’t do justice to their true talent, so I would suggest you join the group and contact the artists directly if you want to see more of their work. Shimanie Shareef has a Facebook page where she posts her work as part of a 100 drawings in 100 days challenge that is quite intriguing to observe. Though her work is more intricate than psychedelic, I still feel as though there is an influence of psychedelia in there somewhere. Please do not use these images for anything more than appreciating the art form and give credit where it is due when posting these images on other platforms. Thank you.

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