The Facility of the Mind, Heart and Soul to Love

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a French Jesuit priest and philosopher.

What is the capacity of a human being to love?

Before I answer that, there has to be made the distinction between the heart, the soul, and the mind. I feel as though we often consider matters of the heart by using the facility of our minds. Pascal said the heart has its reasons that reason itself cannot fathom. I think this strikes the nail right on the head. I suppose this might be due to the fact that we do not receive any formal training on how exactly to deal with matters pertaining to the heart by reading the signs it gives us. And what might these signs be? No, I’m not referring to heart beats interpreted in morse code – though that would be interesting.

I’m referring to how it is possible to tell the difference between the mind’s process of rationalizations versus the heart’s process of reflection. The difference between the two is that when one is rationalizing, it is done within certain strict parameters based on what is known as solid fact. On the other hand, when one is reflecting there is a whole spectrum of considerations that become significant. The heart is open to vague and ponderous considerations that a rational man would deem unnecessary. In this way, when one reflects using the facility of the heart, one is open to possibilities that take into consideration the sometimes baseless beliefs of others – that while being baseless still define who they are – in such a way that a compromise may be reached.

Now that we have distinguished the facilities of the mind and the heart, what of the soul?

What is the facility of the soul? It is ephemeral, intangible, and to a lot of people doesn’t even exist. Yet, to those who are self-realized and whose soul is awakened, there is a certain veil that has been lifted. This is the veil cast by perception. In order for the soul to see, one must first tear away the veil cast by the facility of the mind’s own perception that uses symbols to assimilate meaning to otherwise meaningless objects and instances. The soul sees through this meaninglessness into the very essence of things. And what is that essence?

There is a unifying bond among all matter. Some call this God, some call it the spirit – or the soul. This is what is seen through the eye of the soul, and what is ignored by the seat of the mind. This is why the rational man – who some would call atheist – would see otherwise. It has been said that a brain cell resembles what the universe would look like. Is it not then safe to posit that a universe could be contained within a single brain cell? Or that our universe is in fact a single brain cell of a greater being? These are rather ponderous, vague and unsubstantiated claims, yet through the facility of the soul it brings a certain sense of awe and wonder that a rational mind may completely disregard as childish.

The eye of the soul, as a facility, is also able to see through the individual and conceive of them as aspects of an ancestry. What do I mean by this? There is the concept of mitochondrial Eve – the woman from whom all living humans descend, on their mother’s side, and through the mothers of those mothers and so on, back until all lines converge on one person – that in my opinion goes hand in hand with the Hindu concept of the reincarnation of aspects of gods and goddesses. If we were to assume that these gods and goddesses were simply humans glorified for whatever reason, reincarnation is simply when a different aspect of the same personality is conceived in a different human form. I feel that the eye of the soul is able to see this inherent, yet unique, aspect as something hereditary – being able to trace back to its prior forms.

Every Hindu deity was enraptured by a wholly other aspect of their consort. Just as I am enraptured by aspects of mitochondrial Eve. The heart, while giving mortality to the soul, has the capacity to love more than one aspect of more than one individual. Just as Prophet Muhammed (sal.) had many wives, just as Greek gods had many consorts, as humans we too have the capacity to be polyamorously head-over-heels in love. Of course, most humans that are socially conditioned would prefer to follow a linear flow from one relationship to another. I do not see this as necessary as within the span of a lifetime it is only the mind that moves on, not the heart. Beyond this lifetime it is the soul that transcends.

What is the capacity of the soul to love? Infinite.

4 Responses to “The Facility of the Mind, Heart and Soul to Love”
  1. Lucian says:

    excellent. is very moving and lucent. i lov u. ^_^

  2. miscalculator says:

    A reflective read. Making me float amidst the infinite measures of my soul’s confine.

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