The Pursuit Of Happiness

The following is my response to a question posed by a newly acquired Facebook friend: “is it possible for everyone to be happy at the same time?”

A few years ago I defined happiness as an exaggerated response to the feeling of content, but now I think it’s more chemical than that – and also superficial. Forget happiness, it can’t be achieved universally because it’s superficial and depends on such considerations that are selfish and related solely to the ego. If you’re talking about everyone in the world being content, that is possible. For that first you need to break away from social conditioning that strengthens the pursuits of the ego and break out of that mould. Then you forget about transitory happiness and you can work towards attaining that blissful feeling of content.

We’re constantly wired to seek the rewards of the pleasuring of the ego; climbing the corporate ladder, politicians abusing power, junkies abusing drugs –
it’s all the same. It’s the “Evil” that is described in the books. When you set yourself apart from “God” –  a unifying bond between all matter, existant and non-existant – then you make room for the existence of a “Devil”. What they are trying to refer to in plain terms is that you create a duality – which is the first mistake. You then become focused on those individual needs of the Devil, that is really your Ego. You’re trying to say you need things others don’t and there the whole balance goes off because it means you have to compete and push someone under in order to achieve your goals which are artificial, and mean nothing once you’re gone – whether or not Heaven or Hell exists.

It is still possible while being alive, while being content, without making that differentiation, from a non-dualistic perspective, to make a mark – to make a difference. For that you need to ascend up Maslow’s hierarchy, up to self-realization and beyond. That is if you want to stick to methods prescribed by society. Otherwise you can break away from your social conditioning and follow the many paths prescribed by spiritualism. Sufism has its way, Buddhism has its way, the ascetics and the Brahmin’s have their own way. Then there are the hermits who are prescribed to no predefined spirituality, yet dare to define their own. Their path is that of detachment – dissolution of will – that gets boring if you’re not experiencing it.

One Response to “The Pursuit Of Happiness”
  1. Angel says:

    Very perceptive… Contentment is truly something to strive for, but the ego stands in the way.

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