Annasi & Kadalagotu Poetry Pilau Podcast: April 28, Sharni’s

Podomatic has been acting up so I’ve switched to Dropbox to disseminate the podcast.
While there’s over 2 hours of audio, I’ve only uploaded a 30 minute podcast.

Annasi & Kadalagotu Poetry Pilau Podcast: April 28, Sharni’s.

Here are a few bite-sized tidbits you can chew on when you need your fix of spoken word.

The last poetry pilau we heard Arabic poetry being read to us and then translated to English for the first time courtesy Hayah – ‘On This Land’ by Mahmoud Darwish.

Krema Diaz delivered a drive-by onslaught of honey dripping words at the last poetry pilau. Ekstatic!

Author of Termite Castle and ardent Kadalagotu fan, Asger Hussein read us his poem on Jaffna.
The man has a way with words, sometimes transporting, quite often cathartic.

A regular to Open Mic and Kadalagotu, Halik Azeez chose to treat us to an observation on the phenomenon of Muslim boys. Fascinating! Though coming across as a bit of a conspiracy theorist.

Here’s Buddhi De Mal of Wagon Park singing Adults Only Film. This song was performed that evening for the first time to a public audience.

2 Responses to “Annasi & Kadalagotu Poetry Pilau Podcast: April 28, Sharni’s”
  1. Hayah says:

    Buddhis and Krema’s fave fave!! 😀

  2. Hayah says:

    Reblogged this on Barefoot Battles and commented:
    Tasters of poetry, jamz, words, perspectives, rhyme and chyme at Annasi and Kadalagoty Poetry Pilau April session

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