Meditation ii

Imagine that you are able to see the effects of a single action that you make as it unfolds across the Universe:

Dominos trailing tangents; you’ve caused more than affects you throughout your life – and you always will.

We’re not told to think like that because we would then be indifferent and do anything we wanted to – caution to the wind.

The truth is that change is everywhere, yet our perception of change and our approach towards it is stochastic.

The issue with this is in the insignificance or lack of pure intention. Only by being aware of the boundless consequences can intent be pure.

On realizing, visualizing and accepting the domino trailing tangents we can begin to make real change. This also implies a shift in perception.

So we’re back to square one. How does one change how one perceives? Meditation? Mind altering substances? Dissociation? All of which, when explored, lead to oblivion.

In which case, what use is any real change?

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