En De Jah Nus – He Breathes (Demo)

Drawing inspiration from the Advaita philosophy, Sufi mysticism, and Jungian archetypes, “He Breathes” attempts to bring together what is otherwise in contradistinction: in India,  Ardhanārīśvara (अर्धनारीश्वर) has been venerated as an androgynous form of Shiva and Shakti, idolized as hermaphrodite figures. Post-colonization, modern Indian society has excluded the many transgender populations, pushing them into the periphery, having to resort to extortion and commercial sex work in order to survive.

UNDP has a report on transgenders in the Asia-Pacific region, their rights and vulnerability to HIV: http://www.undp.org/content/dam/undp/library/hivaids/Lost%20in%20translation.pdf

This is a work in progress, to be appreciated as such.

En De Jah Nus is a project open to universal contribution.


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