7/6/4, 5/5/7, 5/7/5, 5/6/6 … and so on

A sign of consciousness
on the wall, mercurial
dreams, shifting frames;

a room with no doors,
just open spaces,
held across by its threshold,

palms on each side, two
horns rising from the seat of
mind, two legs held to

gather as one al
-chemical disposition
reverence for sym

-bols deliverance
a gesture held be
-tween two fingers an oppo

-sable thumb, an index run
-ning through an appendix
citing reason

for lack of rhyme, time
unmeasured, scales tip
-ping, trickling off, shattered

instrument, at dawn
a grey cell, a prison
house for visions that fade

on waking, recur
like footsteps, pacing
a soul’s wince for every

red cell that bleeds free
-dom and only finds
fate at the feet of its host

who serves guests with no appet
-ite white wine in green
bottles at room temp



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