Eros Ergo Sum

Eyes set to the stars, gazing
Lightning rolling across the periphery
Of his mind, in her life
Queries, quarries, quandaries,
Under the signs of their stars
Envisioned, interwining of paths
Never to return their identities
Ceasing to be who they were
Entranced by the idea of change.

Pouring their tears, swirled in glass, like wine
Resonating along the contours of their ears
Eerie, evergreen, a forest of stars
Circumnavigating the thought of union
Every intention juxtaposed
Deified their egos

Advertising her self worth
Cocky, spoken with a mouthful
Ceasing to care for coherence
Omniscient sputterings of nonsense
Madness, the gift of magians
Pleading necessity
Leading on
Never to return to each other
The poet, the painter of words, the worm: the artist, the photographer, the early bird.


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