Moar Mixtapes! #8tracks

It’s official, 8tracks is now my go to remedy for boredom. I’ve assembled a bunch of mixtapes, each focussing on different moods, genres and themes. There’s a good chance you haven’t heard a lot of the music on these, so do have a listen and maybe you’ll discover some gold.

This one right here was made in the spirit of Ramadan kareem. It features a bunch of rap songs that focus on food, either directly or as clever metaphors, such as Nas’ Fried Chicken feat. Busta Rhymes. This one’s sure to make your tummy roggle. It even got featured on

An eclectic selection of jazzy numbers.

A conceptual mixtape taking on the idea of six degrees of separation, tracking the sampling of a particular song through different genres and incarnations, culminating in a not so related, but definitely causally linked somehow rendition of… wait for it… no, seriously, listen to the mixtape and wait for it!

I made this mixtape for a very special friend of mine who has a lovely taste in music. You’ll find a lot of folk treats.

An extension of the previous mixtape, this one is more mellow and would go well with some fancy aromatic tea.

Long live Palestine, long live Gaza! ’nuff said.

Here’s an unlikely mixtape to hear from me: a selection of minimal house numbers, krautrock and even some David Bowie to calm your nerves and get you groovin’.

Funk, afrobeat and free-jazz. It’s a show of hands.

This is the kind of hip hop I was into as a teenager. I am not ashamed of it, but I would never make songs like these. Still, it’s worth the nostalgia as memorabilia.

If I was a DJ, this is the music I would play, though not in this particular order, and definitely mixed properly without beat-matching or any other shortcut.


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