Window Cleaner

Désirée, Pin-prick the silence Dropping in, You’re the death Of every one that crosses Your black cat path. Heart-breaker Mood-shaker You’re a thrill-chaser Running out of time here You’re a smile-faker Mood-shaker Window cleaner Wiping off the tears Dear departed, Left your keys in the locker. Don’t come running back for it, You won’t come … Continue reading

Love To Hurt

Listen: Been around a couple of times I feel like I’ve been here before And it seems to me our worst mistakes Were made before we learnt to show it Oh, how I feel the world pulled from beneath my feet Oh, I suppose I could have learnt from your mistakes Been around a … Continue reading


Pickin’ time before I leave – Plenty of salt is what I need. Got my heart perched to my sleeve – Sad as it sounds, when it rains, it bleeds. Got my sunscreen ‘bove my head – Didn’t save me from gettin’ wet. Beggin’ crimes for what I believe – It ain’t smoke, it’s air … Continue reading

Out Of Sight.

There you are again as I left you, as I let you go Never looked my way when I was lookin’ at you Here we are again at the same place I met you I saw lines in your eyes and I read your story through I gave you what I could, the little I … Continue reading

The Finish Line.

I see you lying in my arms – I’ll never forget thatI hear you lying to my face – I’ll never forgive thatI see you lying in his arms – I never could face thatThese memories will always haunt me… even though… You said “I don’t need you and I don’t want you around”You said … Continue reading

Bug Eyes.

Click here to download Bug Eyes There’s a girl sitting all alone Her face is grieving Why does she mourn? She looks back at me wondering why I stare Brushes me off but I just look right back ’cause I just wanna see that girl smile, smile, smile Yeah, I just wanna see what she … Continue reading

Daylight Dims Bright.

Even if the Sun fails to shine for me today, I know I’ll find a way to see the light again, I will pray tonight. Just forget what they say to you, Just be strong you will make it through, ‘Cause tonight I will pray for you, And when you die they will come for … Continue reading

Lost Without, Missed Within.

I miss your silhouette picture-framed by the screens I miss the way you’d dance as if you never knew misery And I wish we could have been so much more for so much longer I wish this could have been anything than what it is Would you forgive me if I came running back to … Continue reading

The View. (Demo Recording)

I posted this today as a poem, but Lady Divine suggested I make it a song. So I thought why not? And over a phone call with Ammi I wrote the song, and the tune and everything. Just recorded it. It’s the shortest one so far. Tell me what you think. Here are the … Continue reading

Be With You.

I see you lying there on the floor I just wanna get close to you and hold your hand So can we run away? Away from here? Unclip our wings, and make our dreams come true I’m waiting for you I’m watching you fall asleep from outside your window When you dream, do you dream … Continue reading