Drop Out Of Depression

I am a seasoned dropout. At 16, I dropped out of school. I was tired of the institutionalization. I wanted to be a software engineer. I decided I would study for my A Levels through private classes. When the time came to sit for the examinations, I could not get myself into an examination hall. … Continue reading

Moar Mixtapes! #8tracks

It’s official, 8tracks is now my go to remedy for boredom. I’ve assembled a bunch of mixtapes, each focussing on different moods, genres and themes. There’s a good chance you haven’t heard a lot of the music on these, so do have a listen and maybe you’ll discover some gold. This one right here was … Continue reading

SCATCAT! bootleg

Huzni & Sash with Larry T Hill – Simple Man *imaad majeed – second person lung Opening Act – Dush & Malin Film courtesy Yazmin Yousuf SCATCAT! was my first attempt at organizing a conscious rap gig in Colombo. Charcoal Gallery Cafe was kind enough to lend us the venue and sounds. All proceeds went … Continue reading

One Hundred Love Poems

I There is very little ink leftin the worldto expresshow the body yearnsto piece together the puzzleto break each wall downto build bridges betweenour eyesto give everythingfor nothingin returnto rememberyou are only boundto lose. II Count each blessingweighed, measuredand wrappedtightly, holdingtogether, comingapart, springingforth blue-blooded sunset,giving wayto hot-blooded sunrise. III There are no blind men hereonly … Continue reading

Fear And Loathing In Colombo

I never could go through with that movie. Sri Lanka has opened its doors to former Scientologist James Packer’s proposed “gaming zone” read Casino district. Judging by the affect gambling has had on the indigenous ‘Indian’ population of the US, I am not keen on seeing this become a reality. While speaking to a former … Continue reading

Without Artifice

Jean Arasanayagam was schooled in Kandy and graduated from the University of Peradeniya. Her name is synonymous with English literature in Sri Lanka, and her work, which has been published internationally by Penguin India and locally by Godage Publishers, has been translated into Danish, Swedish, French and German. Jean has published over 40 books in her … Continue reading


This was the first video game console in my life. Street Fighter II. Nostalgia.

New Year’s Manifesto

This year my New Year’s resolution was to be thankful. I think I have done okay. I have made it a point to say thank you. I, quite habitually, take people for granted. I am still working on this. I owe a lot to my family for continuing to support me, despite the unpopular decisions … Continue reading

Eros Ergo Sum

Eyes set to the stars, gazing Lightning rolling across the periphery Of his mind, in her life Queries, quarries, quandaries, Under the signs of their stars Envisioned, interwining of paths Never to return their identities Ceasing to be who they were Entranced by the idea of change. Pouring their tears, swirled in glass, like wine … Continue reading

rainbow palette cleanser

Blue screen resurrection Allow me to introduce you to my past life Hi, my name is irrelevant. This is where imagination goes to die. This is where imagination goes to die. Tie your hair loose. Dye your split ends.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.  Press any key to give a fuck. Hit me. Find yourself … Continue reading