To Paraphrase

You might be familiar with the process of paraphrasing a poem, i.e., you take a line from the poem and write it in your own words to express its meaning, bringing out its key elements. The criteria of a good paraphrase are as follows: It is not a summary. It does not contain most of … Continue reading

The Moral Thoughts Of A Nun

translated from a popular Chinese drama by Lin Yutang A young nun am I, sixteen years of age; My head was shaven in my young maidenhood. For my father, he loves the Buddhist sutras, And my mother, she loves the Buddhist priests. Morning and night, morning and night, I burn incense and I pray, for … Continue reading

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The following is my response to a question posed by a newly acquired Facebook friend: “is it possible for everyone to be happy at the same time?” A few years ago I defined happiness as an exaggerated response to the feeling of content, but now I think it’s more chemical than that – and also superficial. Forget happiness, it can’t … Continue reading

Young Folks

Though I would fall under the same umbrella term, I don’t really enjoy associating with peers so much, and worse those younger than me. It’s not really about age, I don’t consider myself any better than anyone because I’m older,  it’s just the way young people tend to look at things. There’s so much pessimism, … Continue reading

Headless Buddha

err… wtf!?! Yeah, that Buddha is missing a head, and the other one’s dreading the day his head gets chopped off. It’s a tough life, if you’re a Buddha… statue 😛 The first time I noticed these I thought they were just little statues that had fallen apart, but then I came across this little … Continue reading

Laments of a trishaw driver…

wow it’s difficult to type properly when you’re on the herb. Now that that’s been set aside I shall go on with this post. Whilst walking down the road today a trishaw driver from the depot near my home asked me to stop. He asked me to take a seat in the vehicle and he … Continue reading