IMHO via IndiaPost Live

IndiaPost Live is a great concept, executed fairly well, but poorly received. A friend of mine from journalism college works there and has been kind enough to have me on their discussion shows. You can watch video clips below. This year, the Pakistani band Laal was banned for their controversial stance, their name meaning “red”, referring … Continue reading

I Want To Be Dumb

Yesterday was weird, everywhere I went there was always a long discussion about whatever topic, and I felt like I was talking to morons. Because whenever I had anything to say, I had to dumb it down so they would understand. I couldn’t say things that they wouldn’t be able to accept, and their responses … Continue reading

Let’s Start A Riot!

… or a social revolution rather. Beyond Borders is a space where young people can express themselves and work on development issues they are passionate and concerned about. We are entirely youth-led, youth-run and run by a core group of volunteers. Our three themes – Identity, Diversity and Active Global Citizenship – captures the spirit … Continue reading


What is identity and what do you associate it to? A name? I was having a conversation with Lady Divine yesterday. She was telling me about a blogger who’s now working in her building. She wouldn’t tell me her real name to keep the anonymity, which I find hypocritical since she told me her own … Continue reading