Battle Rap: Imaad Majeed VS Larry T Hill

It all started when Larry T Hill was co-hosting the Yes Home Grown Top 15 with Yazmin Yousuf and I was called up for a phoner. I picked on his fashion sense and revealed to Sri Lanka his aptitude at ballet. He didn’t take kindly to the former, and personally challenged me to a battle … Continue reading

YES, On Air

Last Thursday, I paid a visit to the YES studio in Pannipitiya. I had a great time co-hosting the YES Home Grown Top 15 with Yazmin Yousuf. If you missed it, you can listen to the show via the podcast below:

STONAPATHI – Peth (ft. *imaad majeed)

Critical acclaim for Peth (ft. *imaad majeed) by STONAPATHI: “Next level Sri Lankan sound. Future bass from the bokka. Nicely done! Great track! Those sirens and chaos reminds of Public Enemy/NWA and Bomb Squad productions!” – Asif Ansar, Rude Boy Republic “Very nice work” – Asvajit “Too dope” – Himal Kotalawala, Department of SWAG “Good … Continue reading

SCATCAT! bootleg

Huzni & Sash with Larry T Hill – Simple Man *imaad majeed – second person lung Opening Act – Dush & Malin Film courtesy Yazmin Yousuf SCATCAT! was my first attempt at organizing a conscious rap gig in Colombo. Charcoal Gallery Cafe was kind enough to lend us the venue and sounds. All proceeds went … Continue reading

Debut EP Release: Verse, Chorus, Verse (2012)

For ears that listen and hearts that hear! Vice versa! So finally it feels like I’ve done something with my life. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t start out by building up expectation. Still, I am quite happy with what I’ve accomplished working with Suma, Buddhi, Chikka and Mahesh at Wagon Wheel Studios. Over a period of … Continue reading

Window Cleaner

Désirée, Pin-prick the silence Dropping in, You’re the death Of every one that crosses Your black cat path. Heart-breaker Mood-shaker You’re a thrill-chaser Running out of time here You’re a smile-faker Mood-shaker Window cleaner Wiping off the tears Dear departed, Left your keys in the locker. Don’t come running back for it, You won’t come … Continue reading


Ignore the voices in the background. I let the guys do whatever they were doing while I played. Just to capture the moment.

What Worth

What worth is a moon without its sun? – a hand without a gun, a silent siren song What worth is a thought without a face? – a painted veil, a nameless trace What worth is a touch without feeling? – a sleight of hand, a temptuous tease But there is no giving with you … Continue reading

The Drive

And the world revolves around…

… me! who else? 😛 hahaEveryone who meets me or has the “pleasure” of having a conversation with me would probably notice my “ego” first. I’m not going to lie, I have a pretty large inflatable ego. Unlike those born with large ego’s mine was actually pretty normal at first but only until I found … Continue reading