IMHO via IndiaPost Live

IndiaPost Live is a great concept, executed fairly well, but poorly received. A friend of mine from journalism college works there and has been kind enough to have me on their discussion shows. You can watch video clips below. This year, the Pakistani band Laal was banned for their controversial stance, their name meaning “red”, referring … Continue reading

Meta-poetics of MOOCs

The past 10 weeks have been interesting because I signed up for an online course offered by the Kelly Writer’s House at University of Pennsylvania. Modern and Contemporary American Poetry is a Massive Open Online Course facilitated by the Coursera platform that boasts a participation of some 30,000 plus students from around the world. The … Continue reading

En De Jah Nus – He Breathes (Demo)

Drawing inspiration from the Advaita philosophy, Sufi mysticism, and Jungian archetypes, “He Breathes” attempts to bring together what is otherwise in contradistinction: in India,  Ardhanārīśvara (अर्धनारीश्वर) has been venerated as an androgynous form of Shiva and Shakti, idolized as hermaphrodite figures. Post-colonization, modern Indian society has excluded the many transgender populations, pushing them into the periphery, … Continue reading

The End of an Era

Okay. Perhaps not so dramatic. Still, it feels as though a chapter of my life is coming to a close, and a new page has been opened. Blank paper fortune cookie. I do hope I get into ACJ. It’s going to be tough but I’m up for it. I wasn’t sure if it was too … Continue reading

To India, Or Not To India

That is the question. Why is it the question? Well that’s a fair question to ask, judging from the fact that I absolutely despise India and Indians. Trust me, as soon as I land I’ll have my headphones on listening to music so loud not a single Indian accent will pass through my eardrums. Ahem, … Continue reading