On Zakat, Or Spartan Charity

You will not find me volunteering for charity driven “causes” and the like. I am not for vainglorious philanthropy. I do not make donations to third parties. I do not believe in middle men. I need to see where my money is going. More importantly, I need to see where my help is going. I … Continue reading

About Me:

I am a whore for attention Easier than Sunday morning I am without inhibition Cheaper than a Jew Bite my head off And chew it Blow a bubble out of me And prick it I am a  junkie Hooked on you I am a hopeless romantic So are you Take these chains And tie them … Continue reading

.Something Beautiful, Something Free

Like a junkie pleading for one last hit I feel the need now more than I ever did Bleeding myself for the blood of my joy Meddling with needles as though they were toys I want something beautiful I want something free But nothing in life Comes without a fee And I have paid the … Continue reading