I have been playing around with this idea in my head, of taking the Parliamentary Debate surrounding the Official Language Bill of 1956 and using it as a source text to create a poem, or a work of art, in some medium, from about the time I wrote ANTIPOEM, in early 2014. On June 19, … Continue reading

Meta-poetics of MOOCs

The past 10 weeks have been interesting because I signed up for an online course offered by the Kelly Writer’s House at University of Pennsylvania. Modern and Contemporary American Poetry is a Massive Open Online Course facilitated by the Coursera platform that boasts a participation of some 30,000 plus students from around the world. The … Continue reading

New Years Resolution

I am my mother tongue before I am Muslim.Does the mother tongue precede the father of belief? I may not be well-versed in Tamil, but it means more to me than my religion. It is simply about what connects deeply enough. Prostrating in unison, I feel connected, yes. I feel submitted. Conversing in union, however, … Continue reading