To Paraphrase

You might be familiar with the process of paraphrasing a poem, i.e., you take a line from the poem and write it in your own words to express its meaning, bringing out its key elements. The criteria of a good paraphrase are as follows: It is not a summary. It does not contain most of … Continue reading

Meta-poetics of MOOCs

The past 10 weeks have been interesting because I signed up for an online course offered by the Kelly Writer’s House at University of Pennsylvania. Modern and Contemporary American Poetry is a Massive Open Online Course facilitated by the Coursera platform that boasts a participation of some 30,000 plus students from around the world. The … Continue reading

On Literature: Mind Vs. Soul

Soul Mind  I don’t like the idea of analyzing and scrutinizing it’s not the mind but the soul that reads Arguably What can the mind do? It can assimilate to past experience, to synonyms, synonymous thought, or synonymous feelings. But some times there are layers of meaning  that delving and analyzing helps bring out Whatever the … Continue reading