IMHO via IndiaPost Live

IndiaPost Live is a great concept, executed fairly well, but poorly received. A friend of mine from journalism college works there and has been kind enough to have me on their discussion shows. You can watch video clips below. This year, the Pakistani band Laal was banned for their controversial stance, their name meaning “red”, referring … Continue reading

Cooking With Ganja: Deconstructed Potroast

I’ve been growing quite an appetite of late and whilst rummaging through the refrigerator I stumbled upon some chuck pieces of beef in the freezer. After defrosting it I decided to try a potroast, though I’d never done it before, so I decided to deconstruct it and prepare it in the oven instead. A potroast … Continue reading

Somewhere In Between

Sky on fire, and Hell is beneath, Yet I find myself somewhere in between. Is this Heaven on Earth? Or is Heaven a lie? God takes many roles through our lives, He sets the sun just as he makes sure it rises, He brings us the moon just as he takes it away, He paints … Continue reading

Cooking With Ganja: Pork In Curd (Guest Recipe)

This time around we’ve got a very special guest submission from the one and only David Blacker. So let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Ingredients: 300g pork fillet 250-300ml buffalo curd 1 small cauliflower head 5-6 stalks of spring onion 1 large paprika (bell pepper) — if you want some colour, use a red … Continue reading

I’m Not Your Fucking Dealer

I hate it when someone speaks to me as though I’m their dealer. Wtf man? Most people don’t seem to realize, but just because you have a friend who smokes pot, doesn’t mean that’s where you get your fix. If you want weed, go buy it. You see, how it works is, most stoners know … Continue reading

Cooking With Ganja: Strawberry Pancakes

Apologies for the delay, this recipe should’ve been up a month ago when we tried it. So for this one you basically go with either your own trusty pancake recipe or you can follow this one that’s supposed to be really good, except of course there’s a little twist. First of all, before you make … Continue reading

Cooking With Ganja: A Stoners Guide

Come stoners, gather round the fire, we shall be getting high tonight. So the other night my brother decided to experiment with the abundance of grass and sausages at home, and decided to make what we have dubbed “Ganja Sausages”. It’s pretty simple really, sausages fried with weed. But you have to do it right. … Continue reading

Operation: Cheer Up MoM

So we went to Buba today, me, MoM, Jerry, and Pani Bunis. Mr. Hakuru was the “planner” of the event, and when we got there we found out that there would be a private party at 3, with the emphasis on private. So we had a few hours, and two big sticks of weed, namely, … Continue reading

Flying High On Bob Marley’s Magic Carpet

I am writing this post whilst floating above all of you. It is raining hard and I went into it. Wow! It was beautiful. Incredible, I took my clothes off and stood there in my boxers(which will soon be boxer-briefs) and absorbed it all. I notice so much. The water collecting bucket was overflowing like … Continue reading

Laments of a trishaw driver…

wow it’s difficult to type properly when you’re on the herb. Now that that’s been set aside I shall go on with this post. Whilst walking down the road today a trishaw driver from the depot near my home asked me to stop. He asked me to take a seat in the vehicle and he … Continue reading