I have been playing around with this idea in my head, of taking the Parliamentary Debate surrounding the Official Language Bill of 1956 and using it as a source text to create a poem, or a work of art, in some medium, from about the time I wrote ANTIPOEM, in early 2014. On June 19, … Continue reading

Canon Fodder

It irks me that the intelligentsia of Colombo seem sated by media representations of reality, sharing news stories with commentary, when the said news story is already tainted by subjectivity. If they really wanted to change something, they could do so by, perhaps, removing this middle man in the processing of data into information, and … Continue reading

Tube Raps

Here are some verses of mine that I’ve written for my solo rap project as well as my band Rap This, Ko?, plus, my very first appearance in a music video, rapping, half lotus, on the boardroom table at work. I tried to encapsulate the little I have learned from advertising into this verse. The … Continue reading

Drop Out Of Depression

I am a seasoned dropout. At 16, I dropped out of school. I was tired of the institutionalization. I wanted to be a software engineer. I decided I would study for my A Levels through private classes. When the time came to sit for the examinations, I could not get myself into an examination hall. … Continue reading

One Hundred Love Poems

I There is very little ink leftin the worldto expresshow the body yearnsto piece together the puzzleto break each wall downto build bridges betweenour eyesto give everythingfor nothingin returnto rememberyou are only boundto lose. II Count each blessingweighed, measuredand wrappedtightly, holdingtogether, comingapart, springingforth blue-blooded sunset,giving wayto hot-blooded sunrise. III There are no blind men hereonly … Continue reading

Without Artifice

Jean Arasanayagam was schooled in Kandy and graduated from the University of Peradeniya. Her name is synonymous with English literature in Sri Lanka, and her work, which has been published internationally by Penguin India and locally by Godage Publishers, has been translated into Danish, Swedish, French and German. Jean has published over 40 books in her … Continue reading

Eros Ergo Sum

Eyes set to the stars, gazing Lightning rolling across the periphery Of his mind, in her life Queries, quarries, quandaries, Under the signs of their stars Envisioned, interwining of paths Never to return their identities Ceasing to be who they were Entranced by the idea of change. Pouring their tears, swirled in glass, like wine … Continue reading

rainbow palette cleanser

Blue screen resurrection Allow me to introduce you to my past life Hi, my name is irrelevant. This is where imagination goes to die. This is where imagination goes to die. Tie your hair loose. Dye your split ends.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.  Press any key to give a fuck. Hit me. Find yourself … Continue reading

Meta-poetics of MOOCs

The past 10 weeks have been interesting because I signed up for an online course offered by the Kelly Writer’s House at University of Pennsylvania. Modern and Contemporary American Poetry is a Massive Open Online Course facilitated by the Coursera platform that boasts a participation of some 30,000 plus students from around the world. The … Continue reading

I is make 8tracks mixtapes!

Finally got around to making playlists on 8tracks. I used to listen to music almost solely album by album, but over the past two years I’ve gotten out of that habit. Also, I seem to have branched out in terms of genre. Which is good! The mix below has spoken word set to music, with … Continue reading