STONAPATHI – Peth (ft. *imaad majeed)

Critical acclaim for Peth (ft. *imaad majeed) by STONAPATHI: “Next level Sri Lankan sound. Future bass from the bokka. Nicely done! Great track! Those sirens and chaos reminds of Public Enemy/NWA and Bomb Squad productions!” – Asif Ansar, Rude Boy Republic “Very nice work” – Asvajit “Too dope” – Himal Kotalawala, Department of SWAG “Good … Continue reading


Driving down Galle Road A stop sign pulls me over I comply and roll the shutter down A man in khaki steps beside me Yes, officer, I have an identity But you’re not going to find it On the back of a card You will never know who I am Or everything I’ve done Or if I … Continue reading