I have been playing around with this idea in my head, of taking the Parliamentary Debate surrounding the Official Language Bill of 1956 and using it as a source text to create a poem, or a work of art, in some medium, from about the time I wrote ANTIPOEM, in early 2014. On June 19, … Continue reading

Canon Fodder

It irks me that the intelligentsia of Colombo seem sated by media representations of reality, sharing news stories with commentary, when the said news story is already tainted by subjectivity. If they really wanted to change something, they could do so by, perhaps, removing this middle man in the processing of data into information, and … Continue reading

STONAPATHI – Peth (ft. *imaad majeed)

Critical acclaim for Peth (ft. *imaad majeed) by STONAPATHI: “Next level Sri Lankan sound. Future bass from the bokka. Nicely done! Great track! Those sirens and chaos reminds of Public Enemy/NWA and Bomb Squad productions!” – Asif Ansar, Rude Boy Republic “Very nice work” – Asvajit “Too dope” – Himal Kotalawala, Department of SWAG “Good … Continue reading

The Daily Anachronism: “We Left With Food Still Cooking On The Fire”

This is the story of the Muslims of the North who were banished by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam over 20 years ago. Theirs is a story you will not often hear in its entirety, or even its significance. We speak of unity in this country, use heavy words like patriotism and sovereignty. And yet, … Continue reading

Politics, Favours and Faggotry.

While Ceylon today readies herself for the dynasty that is to take hold of the country, the opposition seems to be trying to overthrow their leader. Both sides though are megalomaniacal, with one looking less threatening in his shirt, tie and pants all neatly tucked in like a good little Colpetty person. While the red-scarfed … Continue reading

Why Don’t You Vote?

It puts me off that a lot of “educated”, “opinionated” “individuals”, aren’t going to bother voting at this presidential election. Because there’s “no point”, why choose between “the lesser of two evils”? “It’s all rigged anyway… the system is too corrupt… my vote won’t make a difference” You want to make a difference? You want … Continue reading