YES, On Air

Last Thursday, I paid a visit to the YES studio in Pannipitiya. I had a great time co-hosting the YES Home Grown Top 15 with Yazmin Yousuf. If you missed it, you can listen to the show via the podcast below:

Moar Mixtapes! #8tracks

It’s official, 8tracks is now my go to remedy for boredom. I’ve assembled a bunch of mixtapes, each focussing on different moods, genres and themes. There’s a good chance you haven’t heard a lot of the music on these, so do have a listen and maybe you’ll discover some gold. This one right here was … Continue reading

The World Is Full Of Idiots

… that listen to commercial pop. I haven’t written a post stemming from a conversation in a while, and a recent conversation got my mind spewing about something that ticks me off constantly: Commercial Pop. It’s not music. Don’t fucking call it that, I will smash your fucking face in. What is pop? Why it’s … Continue reading