To Paraphrase

You might be familiar with the process of paraphrasing a poem, i.e., you take a line from the poem and write it in your own words to express its meaning, bringing out its key elements. The criteria of a good paraphrase are as follows: It is not a summary. It does not contain most of … Continue reading

The Zegelengians And The Great Triangle In The Sky

Once upon a time on the planet Zelsqua there lived a tribe of Zegelengians. They were known throughout the Qleptonian galaxy for their strange rituals and beliefs. The Zegelengians believed that all things were really circular even though they appeared to be in different shapes, and that nothing ever ended. While some considered this a profound … Continue reading


25 years of hardship 90,000 and more dead 271,967 lives stuck in IDP camps So is it over? No, not yet.

Five Words, Five Women

Indifferent – to the fact that their leader (whose name I can’t spell) is dead. Apathetic – to the loss of life, on both sides. Annoyed – at the response of the Sinhalese Nationalists and Tamil Diaspora. Relieved – that the war is finally over, and I can put my bag on the rack in … Continue reading


So what are we, you and I? Warriors? Or are we voyeurs? So we blog – are we unlike beggars? All you “patriots” do nothing but parrot And self-proclaimed pacifists, rather passive-fists Unclench your fist – the one that’s raised in the air Take down those flags you wave here and there Let go – … Continue reading