IMHO via IndiaPost Live

IndiaPost Live is a great concept, executed fairly well, but poorly received. A friend of mine from journalism college works there and has been kind enough to have me on their discussion shows. You can watch video clips below. This year, the Pakistani band Laal was banned for their controversial stance, their name meaning “red”, referring … Continue reading

Cooking With Ganja: Deconstructed Potroast

I’ve been growing quite an appetite of late and whilst rummaging through the refrigerator I stumbled upon some chuck pieces of beef in the freezer. After defrosting it I decided to try a potroast, though I’d never done it before, so I decided to deconstruct it and prepare it in the oven instead. A potroast … Continue reading

Somewhere In Between

Sky on fire, and Hell is beneath, Yet I find myself somewhere in between. Is this Heaven on Earth? Or is Heaven a lie? God takes many roles through our lives, He sets the sun just as he makes sure it rises, He brings us the moon just as he takes it away, He paints … Continue reading

The Finish Line.

I see you lying in my arms – I’ll never forget thatI hear you lying to my face – I’ll never forgive thatI see you lying in his arms – I never could face thatThese memories will always haunt me… even though… You said “I don’t need you and I don’t want you around”You said … Continue reading

Blogger In The Neighbourhood

Whilst reading my post BOOM! Unsilent Dawn wondered if I lived close to his place. Turns out I do! So today I met up with him after class near the Maliban factory. He told me about his job and his plans etc. as I walked home. He seems alright, might hang out with him sometime … Continue reading

Flying High On Bob Marley’s Magic Carpet

I am writing this post whilst floating above all of you. It is raining hard and I went into it. Wow! It was beautiful. Incredible, I took my clothes off and stood there in my boxers(which will soon be boxer-briefs) and absorbed it all. I notice so much. The water collecting bucket was overflowing like … Continue reading

Laments of a trishaw driver…

wow it’s difficult to type properly when you’re on the herb. Now that that’s been set aside I shall go on with this post. Whilst walking down the road today a trishaw driver from the depot near my home asked me to stop. He asked me to take a seat in the vehicle and he … Continue reading

Trishaw Mafia

No, this post is not about the Trishaw Mafia. I just thought this would be an interesting post title. This post is about trishaw drivers and their lifestyles. Most of us think all they do is go on hires all day, make more money than they should, try to butter us up, spend the money … Continue reading


Second semester of ANC is going well. English is easy, our first marked assignment I got the highest mark out of BOTH the classes ^.^  9/10 (highest mark you can get on an essay) bwahahaha Okay enough with the ego boost, so I had to write an essay today. A narrative based on some crap … Continue reading

Thursday Afternoon

The chocolate melts up on my palette Enters my tongue – salivation Washing over to the tip of my tongue I’ve bit my lip too many times Gushing down my throat the ‘menty’ coke Pulling all the flavours to the bottom of my sole I feel it in my veins My souls rushing through my … Continue reading